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Use the IP tnmc.stozu.eu to access the server via pirated and/or original Minecraft at any time.

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Everything about the latest server releases

New Gamemode!!

• March 10, 2024


New Anticheat!!

• March 20th, 2023

We have improved your server experience by up to 10x! Lately, we have been receiving many complaints about the server's anticheat not banning players, so we invited our devs and started the production of a new and more powerful anti-cheat for all of you, now it easily detects hackers from the simplest to the most advanced, providing an even better gameplay. From March 24th, it will be available in the new season and weekly rotation. Have fun playing.

Soul System!!

• February 2nd, 2023

The highly anticipated soul system has been added to the PvP modes, where you can earn items using the SoulWell after obtaining 10 souls. From now on, you can earn souls by killing players, with each kill granting you 1 soul. After achieving a 20 KillStreak, you will receive a bonus of 50 souls. You can win basic and weak items from the SoulWell or enchanted diamond armor and Shard IV swords. Enjoy!

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